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For less than the cost of "one" hitting or pitching lesson, you can have unlimited access to the same athletic-development and injury-prevention programs & drills used by professional baseball players.

Unlimited Access to Baseball-Specific, Athletic Development and Injury-Prevention Programs, guidelines, drills, and comprehensive video library created by professional baseball personnel to improve performance & reduce risk of injury:

  • Free Newsletter with registration.
  • 100+ Baseball-Specific, Athletic-Development and Injury-Prevention Programs.
  • 1000+ Videos in Comprehensive Drill & Exercise Library.
  • Physical Performance Testing Self-Assessments.
  • Baseball-Specific Injury-Prevention
  • Warm-Up & Flexibility
  • Throwing-Arm Care
  • Core Training to Improve Posture, Stability & Power.
  • Baseball-Specific Strength Development
  • Baseball Speed & Agility Development to improve Home to 1st Base Time & 60-Yard Time.
  • Baseball Power Development
  • Baseball-Specific Conditioning
  • Performance Hydration, Nutrition & Recovery.
  • Bodyweight Management Strategies.
  • Mental Performance Strategies.

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The BBR was created by Tampa Bay Rays, Major League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, Kevin "KB" Barr. With over 19 years of experience in Major League Baseball, Kevin has brought a wealth of training knowledge, performance improvement techniques and insider information to help up-and-coming baseball athletes reach their objectives for both collegiate and professional baseball.

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